The AltRight Updated it’s Relationship Status with Christianity

It’s complicated, as it were.

Counter Currents Publishing posted an article about the relationship between the Alt Right and Christianity, and it says something I have been thinking for a while now. Why does an identitarian movement like the Alt Right care so much about a universalist religion such as Christianity?

As the author C. B. Robertson puts it:

The unholy scale of human migration we are experiencing has not been seen ever before in human history. Historically, genocides, the collapses of empires, the forging of new peoples and the destruction of old nations usually followed such movements, and survival in such turbulent seas requires a heavy anchor and a strong rope. It requires a clear sense of identity, so that when that identity comes under attack, the attack can be identified and defended against.

What does Christianity have to say about this? It requires one to be at worst, ambivalent. Life on this earth is ultimately of no importance, after all. On the other hand, many view the movement and migration as a good thing… Just last week, I was at an evangelism conference, and the speaker was saying how wonderful it was that all of these refugees were coming in because we could all proselytize to unbelievers without having to cross an ocean. They were coming to us! How wonderful!

…Don’t you know that these immigrants are your brothers too? And don’t you know that you are your brother’s keeper?

Indeed, it has struck me as strange that those who feel like the West is under attack by non-white migrants would choose to define “The West” by way of a Middle Eastern religion. Especially considering many sects of Western Christianity are ouright welcoming to mass waves of immigration. Only the Eastern Orthodox Church seems to be a place where nationalism is not viewed with outright hostility, and even then I have seen Orthodox Christians argue that nationalism or anti-mass migration is Phyletism (I highly doubt nationalism or anti- mass migration is enough to warrent heresy, but I’ll stay out of that debate).

Now, this all could just be a product of the modern world. Its very possible that before mass migration and Redditors bemoaning the lack of inclusivity in the West that Christianity looked different. Perhaps Christianity of yore was much more compatable with the ideals of the AltRight today. In fact, I highly doubt Constantinople had a whole political platform built on welcoming the Ottoman Invaders. However, in the West, there is just that.

Which makes me wonder why the Alt Right is so attached? Now the Muslim invaders bring with them a culture of patriarchy and a disdane for degneracy. It seems that given the two options of modern Christianity or Islam, the Alt Right would be welcoming of a worldwide Caliphate.

My guess is that the Alt Right cares too much about racial identity (and somehow they see Christianity as a “White” religion) to allow Islam to be their ally.

That, to me, is a shame. Any reactionary movement is better than our decent into leftism.

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